SHAKE THE DUST.  In September 2014, Matt was hit from behind by a pickup truck
traveling at 55 mph while on a solo training ride. It put a bunch of things into perspective for him.
Realizing that nothing was a given in this life, he chose to pursue a passion of creating
the cycling apparel that swirls in his head. He was reimbursed for the pieces of kit lost in
the accident and invested those few hundred dollars in THE SKYLINE ORIGINAL...
the first socks landed in late July of 2015.

The name RIDGE SUPPLY is named after both his son, Ridge, and his home
Blue Ridge mountains. The Blue Ridge is home to some of the best cycling terrain in the world.
If you have been fortunate enough to take in that view or ride those roads and trails,
it stays with you forever. Our first offering THE SKYLINE sock is homage to those shades of Blue.

RIDGE SUPPLY is striving to produce the finest cycling apparel to help provide WATTS FOR THE SOLE.






it's all for the ride.
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