stefan bürgler

Stefan is our Carpenter. Working day and night in February 2017 to build us the
most beautiful furniture out of massive oak trees.


Erwin auf der maur

Erwin is our Photographer. For us, he is the best in the world. Especially
when it comes to quality & service. We love his style, creativity & relaxed nature.
In addition, Erwin is a great mechanic and supports us in
the Store whenever he has some hours to spare.



marc briefer
interior design

Marc is our Interior Designer. A true professional. Through his career he
designed restaurants, night clubs, TV studios, showrooms, office space, furniture
and of course all kind of buildings. We are proud to
be a part of Marc's portfolio.



katrin von niederhäusern
creative design

Katrin created our Corporate Design back in 2013. It was a very
exciting time. Lot's of tweaking here and there and in the end, Cycle Store Zurich
was born. We love our CD. Katrin is cool!



alex philipp

Alex is our Dentist. If you want to run a Cycle Store and catch some
KOM's on Strava, you need to be in good shape. Especially your teeth. White
and shiny. Not easy to achieve if you drink as much coffee as we do.
Without Alex, we would be looking shabby.