Ever since Parlee pioneered the first fully customizable carbon-fiber road racing frames
more than 15 years ago, they have been pushing the envelope with breakthrough designs. They never bother
chasing trends. Instead, they pursue real innovations that improve the ride quality and performance.

Beyond their well-known achievements in custom geometry, Parlee was also first to create a
sub-900 gram carbon fiber road frame. A few years later they broke the 800-gram barrier. Along the way,
their designs have been recognized with major accolades including Bicycling Magazine’s Editors’ Choice,
Race Bike of the Year (Cycling Weekly) and Eurobike Design awards.

They have made their mark by following their own path. Their progress is measured,
their evolution organic. Every new Parlee bike builds on the success of its predecessor. They don’t change
for change’s sake, and they are not interested in superfluous styling. Massive downtubes and
box-shaped bottom brackets might make for good sales fodder, but they choose to avoid trendy marketing
features that only add bulk without improving the ride quality.

At Parlee, their focus never strays. They constantly engineer, test and refine every tube shape
to meet specific goals. From ultra-light, super-stiff race bikes to silky smooth endurance, gravel or
cyclocross machines, each one is purpose-built for a specific type of ride.




it's all for the ride.
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