They say cycling runs in the blood. In the case of the Velits Brothers this is certainly the case.
With a family owned cycling store, Dad behind the counter, Mum overseeing logistics and both Martin Velits and brother
Peter Velits riding for professional World Tour cycling teams, the Velits family is the very essence
of cycling. If it is not the amount of kilometers clocked-up during training or results of a recent Grand Tour, being
discussed at the Velits family dinner table, it is likely which colors to choose for the coming
Isadore Apparel season or the development for new products.

Isadore Apparel was from the very beginning created on the foundations of the Velits Brothers deep
insight to what works on the road and what does not. This knowledge is used extensively throughout every aspect of
Isadore Apparel. We use our Pro cycling design knowledge, and combine it with clean design for any rider
with an active cycling lifestyle. No matter whether you are a Racer or a Rouleur you will feel the attention to detailing
in every item of our products derived from hours and hours and thousands of
kilometers in the Pro cycling peloton.








it's all for the ride.
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