Founded in 1895 near Chemnitz, the city later to be known as Karl-Marx-Stadt
in the GDR, this happens to be the oldest existing bicycle producing company in Germany. Since 2003 it is
a part of Trek Bicycle Corporation based in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

It was on machines made by Diamant that legendary cyclists like Gustav-Adolf „Täve“ Schur
won the Peace Race, which was considered the most prestigious amateur stage race in 1955 and once more in 1959.
In the GDR, there was no better road bike good connections could find and money buy. Today,
some of the Diamant racers from before 1990, usually equipped with Campagnolo groups, are sought after objects
for collectors and sell for little less than the Italian bikes from the Golden Age of steel frames. Even
though the reputation of Diamant is closely linked to racing bikes, today’s production focuses on city and touring
bikes, with pedelecs playing an increasingly important role.




it's all for the ride.
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