ALINEs are the world’s most
advanced performance insoles.

ALINE was founded in 2005 to improve lower body movement through revolutionary insole technology.
Unlike orthotics that lock your foot in place, their insoles are engineered to enable your foot to move naturally, align
your lower body and alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles and knee. 

Athletes win on them; doctors recommend them; and our customers rely on them because what’s
inside your shoe counts. Insert ALINEs into any footwear and experience the difference in the way you move and the
way you feel. Pretty soon, you won’t leave home without them.



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The ALINE Advantage

Move Better

If you want to optimize your position on the bike, try rethinking things from the bottom up… Starting
with your feet. ALINE’s multi-patented Foot Suspension System increases bio-mechanical efficiency by properly aligning
your foot and legs. ALINE’s three-dimensional topography makes it the only system that effectively
supports the cyclist’s foot through its entire natural range of motion Your bones, fascia bands, and joints all move
together - up and down, side to side. No compromises. Exactly the way nature intended.

Perform Better

At 5,000 strokes per hour the small things become big.  Only a properly supported, properly aligned
foot can
transfer all of your muscle motion into pedaling power. Cyclists spend a lot of money to reduce weight. But what
are they really buying?  More power means more speed.  ALINE increases power by transferring the body’s
power more efficiently to the pedal. Your energy goes directly into the system,
so you get more power with less fatigue and injury. 

Feel Better

When avid cyclists get together the conversation usually turns two topics, pain and power. ALINE’s 3D
topography makes it the only system that supports the cyclist’s foot through its entire natural range of motion. Your bones,
fascia bands, and joints all move together for more efficient movement. No compromises. More efficient
movement means reduced injuries and more enjoyable rides.






it's all for the ride.
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