,We believe in you, the rider. You know why you ride, how you ride and the ride you want.
You are the best person to design your bespoke custom bike. Our mission is to empower you to direct the design of your bike –
tuning it to your specific needs. The end product is uniquely precision crafted by the rider, for the rider.,

By combining Titanium and Carbon Fibre, Bastion bike frame technology gives you the best of both worlds,
to create the best frame in the world. Our engineers have fine-tuned the ideal combination of Titanium and Carbon Fibre
to yield a frame with the optimum balance of performance and mass.

It’s the rider’s holy grail – a frame that blends the torsional stiffness
and performance of a Carbon Fibre frame with the ride comfort of a Titanium frame.






Bastion’s bespoke design tool places our engineering know-how at your fingertips.
It empowers you, the rider, to direct the design of your bespoke performance bicycle, allowing you to design,
modify and then compare it against the world’s best.

Next we validate your design, ask any questions and create a 3D model which is sent
for your approval, together with a preliminary engineering report and the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results.

Finally, on your go ahead, we begin manufacture. From 3D laser fusing to
final painting requires over 40 hours of precision work by man and machine.

We will provide progress updates and aim to deliver your frame with the final engineering
report within four weeks of your order. If you are unsure about setting up your initial design simply contact us.


it's all for the ride.
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