It all started 40 years ago, in a small garage in Rettorgole di Caldogno near Vicenza,
where Alcide Basso started to create the Basso frames with his hands. Nothing has changed
from that day in 1977 and the Basso bikes groundworks have always remained the same:
a completely Made in Italy product and the people who make up this big family.

The choice of the best materials, the research of an innovative design,
the meticulouse care of the details and the elegance are elements that make our working process
something enviable and unique all over the world. All this is possible only thanks
to a group of people who work with an unconditional passion and a total dedication,
driven by a special sense of belonging.

That is how every frame becomes an artwork, an unique desirable and not replicable item.
That is how we build a dream that will accompany your days outside in the open air.




it's all for the ride.
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