3T has always been renowned for the quality, simplicity, and beauty of its products.
3T has a track record of being ‘first': first to introduce many modern alloys to cycling, first to produce a dedicated
aerobar, first to win the ID design award, first to introduce dedicated gravel wheels, first to
introducean aero gravel frameand first to introduce an aero road bike optimized for wider tires and a 1x drivetrain.

And first in countless competitions alongside the great champions of cycling —in the Tour de France
and Giro d'Italia, one-day Classics, Olympics, World Championships, national championships, and Ironman Triathlons.

Passionate about staying first, 3T continues to invest human and financial capital
in exploring new ways of making products that excel in quality, simplicity, beauty and sustainability 



it's all for the ride.
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